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Pay Per Click advertising is a facility provided by web search engines to facilitate search results visibility. It is an effective brand promotion technique that makes use of the internet to reach customers online through paid search advertising.

Pay Per Click advertising is a cost-effective methodology which drives traffic towards your website. If you have a new website, it may take a while for it to feature in organic searches, hence PPC marketing is the most ideal online advertising tool. The best thing about PPC services is that you only pay when a customer interacts with your advertisement and clicks on it.

What We Do?

Search Advertising

Search advertising is one of the most crucial channels of PPC advertising. Businesses of any size can use and benefit from search ads.

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Display Advertising

With its visually attracting ads and targeting capabilities, display ads offer many benefits to a business by attracting more customers

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Social Media Advertising

With higher reach and engagement than Display Advertising and lower CPCs than Search Advertisement, Social Advertising is a powerful tool.

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Remarketing is a smart advertising technique which will let you show ads to users who have visited your website earlier.

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Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are essential for online retail marketing business. Create Campaigns and sell your products to online customers.

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Mobile Advertising

In recent years, audience on Mobile has surpassed Desktop Traffic. Businesses who are not on Mobile will risk missing out on lots of potential customers.

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How We Do Process?

PPC Company In Bangalore

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Team can help you Save upto 70%.

One of the top SEO administrations that iQxcel gives is the PPC (Pay Per Click). To put it plainly, PPC can be clarified as an administration where you pay a little whole for deliberately putting your promotions in pertinent sites and along these lines guiding potential clients to your site, who might produce you a vast salary. It is to a great extent fundamental to coordinate clients, who require your administration to visit your site. The PPC method of value traffic age for your site is a demonstrated strategy for producing quick returns and furthermore to screen and guide the execution of your advertisements easily. Also, in the event that you need a trusted PPC office in Bangalore to get your cash of business, you have gone to the correct spot.

Creating a PPC for the most part involves bidding for a keyword within the search engine’s sponsored links. however as Associate in Nursing skilled PPC agency in metropolis, our consultants believe that a keyword cannot simply be elite at random, however do need plenty of background statistics to try and do thus and thus making advertisements that's viewed solely by your target market. make sure that your web site gets the eye that it deserves by trusting the highest PPC Company in Bangalore.

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Pay per click overview

Additionally, this specific web showcasing model is picking up a great deal of fascination since it is a very viable strategy for advertising. It’s simply a paid channel. The inquiry organizations like Google, Bing and so on capacity at the backend to make your commercial obvious to the client who is looking for something utilizing a catchphrase. in like manner, If the client taps the advertisement that is noticeable to him, at exactly that point the cash is reality, PPC has helped many individuals to develop their business just as mindfulness on account of the moment traffic and results.

Nearly, in conventional showcasing, papers and magazines are the media through which one could publicize a specific item/administration. In the conventional strategies, there are more measure of potential outcomes of not getting the ideal outcome notwithstanding burning through cash in enormous sum. Here, cash is paid simply after a tick is made by the client. to put it plainly, Pay per click advertising is reasonable for each kind of organizations.

This net model suits all sorts of users, advertisers, and therefore the search engines moreover. As per the survey conducted, users tend to click on ads instead of the non-paid search result. Moreover, Search engines have developed terribly effective ways that for making certain paid ads join up the standards of the user. It helps search engines to serve each user and adman at the identical time. Search engines deliver expeditiously by providing relevant search results to the user.

Full Service PPC Management Pricing


AdbudgetUpto $2000
Per Month
Per Month
$5000 & above
Per Month
Minimum Duration3 months3 months3 months
Suggested number of Keywords50100200
Monthly FeeMin $250 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is highMin $450 or 12% of Monthly Spending whichever is highMin $650 or 10% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
Initial Estimate Reportrightrightright
Landing Page Recommendationrightrightright
Unlimited Keywordswrongrightright
Text Adsrightrightright
Conversion Trackingrightrightright
A/B Testingwrongwrongright
Google Analytics Set-upwrongrightright
Campaign Managementrightrightright
Mobile Adswrongrightright
Gmail Ads (GSP)wrongrightright
Landing Page Optimizationrightrightright
ROI Trackingrightrightright
Google Analytics Report (Monthly)PPC PackagePPC PackagePPC Package
Email and Chatrightrightright

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Send Request

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Video Campaign: You will have to provide video clip or youtube video link
Shopping Ads is for online stores or eCommerce sites
Setup Fee is One Time Fee
NOTE: An additional tax of 15% will be applicable on all the services (Click charges will be billed directly to you by Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook and not included in our monthly maintenance fees)


Most frequent questions and answers

Pay Per Click advertising, is an online advertising method used on Search Engines and Websites across the internet where an advertiser is charged only when their ad is clicked on. Pay Per Click advertising is designed to help businesses drive quality, targeted traffic to their Website in a cost-effective manner.

  • Promotion of your new products/services
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Generate quick traffic to your website
  • Generate Sales/Leads(for e-commerce sites)
  • Target your potential customers across the world.

Ads appear at the top of the search engine results and sometimes right side of the list. It depends on the search engine for example in Google ads appear at the top and bottom whereas in there will be the ads in top four categories and images in right side along with small clickable text are PPC advertising.

Search engines are used to post PPC ads.,, and Bing are the popular and most used search engines to do PPC advertising.

We have a team of digital marketing experts who used to perform their practices like competitor analysis and find out what keywords must be targeted. There are various tools available for that too like Google Keyword Planner, Keyword tool etc.

A Landing Page is a specific Web page designed where the users will land after clicking on the paid ads in any search engine.

You have to pay the bid price set with the specific search performed and clicked. Typically a cost is established by bidding (the cost per click bid) and daily budget amount. This bid can vary within a substantial range. All these aspects will be decided after listening to the client completely. You will never have to pay more than your daily budget.

It depends on the documentation. As soon as we get the documentation, we can begin keyword analysis and launch the campaign within 2-3 weeks. We believe in the transparency and offer you same in our services.

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